Most casino bonuses are subject to deposit. In exchange for the credit that you pay into your account, the game room grants an amount more or less of the same value as the amount -depending on how much it is treated-, and the person uses it for the purpose you want.

It cannot be denied, in that sense, that bonuses are a fairly effective way to keep players enthusiastic, eager to test what is released within online platforms. It is a strategy of image positioning and marketing that conventional casinos used first and web rooms perfected.

Regarding casino games, some have a greater preference than others regarding the frequency with which they offer bonuses. In that sense, the slots, especially the progressive, occupy the first place. Dice tables, roulettes, and video games are still on the list and, finally, card games such as blackjack and poker receive more austere benefits.

This has a reason for being that focuses, of course, on the probabilities. What happens is that casinos love gambling, those whose chances of a winning point more in their favor than the users. Do not misunderstand it. In fact, the best thing to do is to look at it from a financial perspective: a casino is a business and, as such, you must find a way to maintain yourself.

It is then, returning with the odds, that the slots, the dice, and the roulette represent the maximum disadvantage in a game room. They depend entirely on luck and you must bet money with an almost enormous speed, since a round, rarely, exceeds 2 minutes. In the letters, the opposite happens.

Poker and blackjack are games of skill, even if they are played online. The practices are performed entirely live; therefore, the drastic difference of the absence of other players in physical does not represent it in the competitive field.

An online table can be full of veterans in the game, with demolishing strategies and the same alacrity that could manifest in a real round. The technique is the fundamental thing and in what competes to the poker, it is like riding a bicycle: never forget.

Based on these last statements, it is believed that casinos do not offer any deposit bonuses to the most skilled players. This other type of reward, as its name indicates, is credited to the account without the need to transfer funds in the first place and, although it is a very attractive idea, it is usually an impossible trap.

Yes, the players in their naivety will not hesitate to take a bonus without deposit. For that reason, a series of characteristics and conditions that cover the no-deposit bonuses that will be found with more reiteration in an online game room are presented below.

Welcome bonuses: a hook that many captures

The online rooms, in the face of competition, must use strategies much more astute than those used in their time by conventional casinos and for this, nothing better than bonds as a source of income in human and real capital.

One of the ones that have more incidence on the betting community is the welcome bonus; that is, the one that captures the interest of individuals, at first sight, free money without a deposit, with the discretion to use it in any of the slots and without apparent conditions.

However, when a casino offers a reward that is “not subject to obligations”, it is best to flee and do it in a terrifying way. Nothing screams more scam than a bonus in those circumstances, especially in this present day that advocates both online security and business transparency.

Another feature that must be paid attention to is the method of withdrawing money – if a profit is generated. Welcome bonuses have a peculiarity and are that they can rarely be charged. It is floating money that is “deposited” in the account so that the player begins to become familiar with the options of the catalog; but, unless you make a real transfer of funds to the account, there will be no way to touch a penny.

Free spins: the comfort zone that is worth accepting

As mentioned before, slots are the ones that get the most attention when it comes to the bonuses and rewards of an online room. Therefore, one of the modalities of non-deposit bonuses includes the delivery of free throws (rounds).

In appearance, this idea sounds fantastic. They can receive a number of rolls that theoretically increase their chances. However, the reality is not as fruitful as they paint it. In fact, it is likely that these free spins are intended for machines in which winning is impossible, for example, progressive jackpot slots.

This is just an assumption, but one that is based on the reality that some casinos offer. Also, other rooms focus on offering free spins only to players who have made a payment in the first place. Be it fifteen, fifty, one hundred, five hundred or thousand dollars, the reward will be subject to an amount of money and the amount of money will be proportional, logically, to the amount deposited.

Indeed, the free spins, in their bonus condition, are also charged very sporadically, since it is a question of luck, that points to the player and that allows the machine to amass a good profit with the round of free throws get it Generally, this bonus does not exceed 10 attempts.

Bonus exclusivity: free spins for a limited time

Online gambling halls are a money factory that never stops. Therefore, they are constantly adding options to their catalog, which are either based on a completely new game or, are an update of some existing version.

Enthusiasts as only they can be, some players will be immediately attracted by these new options, while for others it will be more difficult to establish a trust link with another machine other than the one they are already familiar with. Casinos, of course, have an incentive for this audience: exclusive bonuses.

The most prominent feature of these bonds is, of course, limited availability. They can play it between a lapse that includes the launch of the game and 24 or 48 hours later. Likewise, profits are also a special issue. There will be those who can collect them in the same way that there will be those who cannot.

In this particularity fall two things: the periodicity with which a person plays and the amount of money deposited in your account, in that sense, those players who spend and invest more time in the casino room have much more advantage.

On the other hand, sometimes the exclusive turns are offered as incentives to old machines that, in spite of maintaining a regular audience, lose much fame in comparison to new and more attractive options with much more modern lights, sounds, and animations.

Bonds without regular deposit: the most common option

It is the most frequent option offered by casinos and the purpose is, of course, to attract a massive audience of players who establish ties of loyalty and favoritism with the games room. So, once the players complete the registration, they immediately receive a deposit without having to transfer to their account.

The only requirement of these bonuses is, of course, to open an account. From there lies its popularity and the frequency with which players access this bonus. However, the conditions are not altered at this point. When a person accepts a non-regular deposit bonus, he can have fun as long as he wants and give him the credit, but to collect the profit it will be necessary, yes or yes, to make a deposit sooner or later.

The advantage of these rewards, however, is that they are small amounts of money. Generally, they do not exceed 20 dollars and are destined to machines of fast dynamics, for example, the slots.

Final considerations

Despite all the warnings and reviews that exist on the web, the free bonuses will not stop representing an attractive option that the players will not last to take as soon as they have the opportunity. After all, it’s still free money, but with impossible conditions.

On the other hand, not all the rooms handle the same conditional policies. Some may be more flexible about the amount of deposit that must be made to collect the prize or, in the most prosperous case, which allows charging it without such an oppressive requirement.

Everything will depend, of course, on the game and the player. If it is a skill game, it is likely that the restrictions are dosed over time, as well as it will be easier to collect your bonuses for those players who have a trajectory within the room. Even novices can have their loophole if they know how to move their pieces.